Just as I was lying down on my swing in my balcony I heard a song playing in room adjacent to mine ( I was living as a paying guest onw year ago)

And it brought sum long buried memories deep down inside…..and suddenly a chain of still images was running in my mind

Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge

(3: 15 am…25th  January…..NOHH teesha plz don’t I dnt want to hear anethin…its OVER!)


Na shaam ki karaari chai, labo’n se yun pilaoge (having tea with vikram opposite IIM’s famous rambhai’s kitli with maska bun)


Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na din dhale sataoge
Na raat ki nashili bye se neendh mein jagaoge

(12:00am.. heya…slept kya?…

me: nope..wats up?

How cme u awake this late

me: was waitin for u…

J I hd a grt tym to de met my long tym frn hd loads of funn


I guess u slept …aneways sleeptyt..sweety..gn)

Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun…………..

I got up and rushed into my room…I was trying to run away from those haunting memories…..slipped into my bed…covered my head with the pillow to avoid that song….

But it was reeling me down inside…as if a knife is been cut through me…n blood  trickling down …I felt as if I am bleeding …yes my heart was bleeding…n pain was rolling down through the eyes..)

Aankh bhi tham gayi, na thaki
Raat bhi na bati, na kati

Raat bhi chherti marrti
Neend bhi lutt gayi, chiin gayi
Raat bhi na sahi, na rahi

Raat bhi laazmi, zaalmi
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, yeh raat baaki hai

Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun


(….inspite of controlling …a stream of tear rolled down my eyes and dropped on my hand…it formed a beautiful drop..i was wonderingthis shining drop formed only after sheering me down with pain…..I could see my eyes twinkling in this drop….and I drifted into the past)…….

Mein tumhari inn ankhon ka kya karun??..vikram said to me lookin straight at into my eyes

I came closer to him resting my head on my palm..lookin still deeper into his eyes..

Now are u tryin to kill me?…

Me grinin…said yehhhssssssss

He acted as if he is about to die…..he uttered oh god help me this girl is gonna kill me with her these enchanting  eyes’

I giggled …

He wiped away my spreaded kajal from his finger tip..and marked a dot on his chick started actin like captain  jack sparrow…

Tan tana…hey  miss beautiful lady lousy!…said he

Me: Stop this nautanki people will think u are mad…

Well I am..said vikram

Continued….your bewitching eyes captured my heart and I m imprisoned for whole of my life…I am mad at u

I was speechless …I blushed and hushed him not to speak out loudly….

Me: Stop it…I cant take so much of compliments….

Well I am helpless..said vikram

Their was a sudden lull

He came closer kissed my eyes (I felt at heavens)

We forgot that we were sitting in a small open café… under  the misty sky of December

Nothing could match this magical moment under the roof of gleaming stars adorning in the sky and here lil candles light dazzling on each table..there was nothing posh about this café but sum how its environment was us incredible…small wooden table and chairs ….and soothing music made whole of the surrounding more quixotic

Aneways no1 was lookin at us coz it was such a cozy place every1 was dwellin g in each others eyesThis was our first so called date after a month ( finally we got tym to hangout apart our  tight schedule of cat coachin classes)And finaly vicky had the courage to ask me out… 🙂

I was always captivated by vikram’s silliest talk..i wanted to now every thing about him..i loved to hear him…I  always use to sit and listen him for hours…and this was yet another eve when I am all ears to him…

Suddenly he stoped n said…’hey I m always the one who is speaking common u also share sumthin with me’…I was always at loss of words when I used to be with vikram …

Nevertheless we used to talk all the weirdest things….it was  always funn to be with vikram

He use to all kinda funny things and acts to make me smile…those were all silly things but the way he did he  used to look so funny and so cuteeeeeeeee…I had only one  word to compliment him…which I always felt…tat he is cho chweett!!…….And he used to get irritated at this compliment…

he blabbered common I m a man…no chweet chweet compliments…gimme sum manly ones…

His irritated face makes me happy even more…….

(Knock knock) jus as then my best buddy came in…meera( and my memories broke down)

Whats wrong wid you teesha ?

Common yarr how long will u burn in this grief…come out of it…there is beautiful world waitin outside with its arms open for u….live life, njoy it!!

(I said nothin)

I cant take this…ur attitude …ur behavior everythin is changed …u are not our TEESHA…THE TEESHA…tat charming and jolly teesha…please dnt let ur self down..there is sumthin more better in store for u…….meera continued.

Lets go! We are planning movie tonite…get ready fast..


Meera called up rest of the friends for joining for the movie…she bucked me up…n dragged up to my wardrobe. To get myself ready…I slipped into casual jeans and tee.We confirmed our movie tickets for five. And after picking up our friends we hurried towards the cinema hall ……

meera was driving the car…and believe me when she drives the car the streets/roads goes crazy…no one would have ever seen such a rash and brash driver…bt it was always funn to be wid her on the drive. its jus like a roller coater ride…..

me sitting beside the window was  wondering on what meera said me earlier this evening that I have changed …so many thoughts were menacing on my mind …

how I used to be? What I have done to myself? I wanna be me again? How? bt how?

And I as I walked down the memory lane …..I still recollect that when I first tym landed at  my PG..i meet meera, aditi, renu and tushma.we all were new and also thrilled for been a ‘free bird now”…it was our first experience for been home away…so we wanted to live life of on our rules….

I still remember our first day n we all were gossip whole of the night till we realized the it was a crack of dawn

Well first night was all about getting introduced ourselves to each other and introduction meant detailed information of our lives…

As I was musing over my first day of independence…i remembered sum of our tête-à-tête conversation

Meera : I m here for njoyin my bachelors life to the fullest…dating will obviously be my first priority  😉

Aditi : dating? No no….its jus nt mah cup of tea… I m here to carry forward my studies and also complete  myC.A.

Divya:  I m in a long distance realtnshp…bt we hv nt yet thot of our future together as of now..i still think tat I deserve a bettr one then him…

Tushma: mein toh yahan padhne aai hun…I dnt have a bf…bt yes I  like sum1…he is my child hood frn….n he’s got a gf now L

It was my turn noe till now I was  surprised that how can they come with a propose in mind except studies…I mean things like ..liking or dating is jus a natural process when we come into contact of such company ..which makes us feel out of the world..how can it be pre planned? Is playing with the emotions was so easy thing for people now?

Meera:  hey  where u lost? Common say sumthin of utrself…

Me: heasitantly…ahhh wellllll…aahhhh…aaaeeeee do not have any plans as sucshh…only want to live life my way…jus wana njoy life…offcourse studies are also on my mind 😉

Meera and divya together: bt hw cn u njoy ? withot ane1 😉 and they laughed ot aloud..

Me: I dnt need ane one to make me happy…I m hpy wid myself…I love to be alone infact..i cn knw myself bettr when m alone …hw cn u ppl decide whom u gonna like whom nt? I thot it just happens! Isnt it?

When I threw this questn in front of all of ‘em they were once awestruck…oh kya soch h !…and since then this this topic always provoked a huge discussion between us..every1 justifyin their point…bt no1 had answer to this………

Since then Our friendship  crystallized from day one itself ….its been four yrs now now we are the same old buddies together with each other…

We all were together through our craziest mastiiess, hangin out on cool places…flirting around…meera’s new male friends…pool side café…hitting gym together. cooking together( trying doff dishes..u cn imagine hw tasty it wud be 😉 )…playing songs on high volume n irritating our neighbors…when eva we all were together we jus used to hv a blast..be it midnite masti or in the college…or strollin on the raod at wee hours….brokeup patchup of divya wid his BF…tushma still burnin her heart for her long lost childhood love…meera’s many flings..she had problems with takin forward her relationship.hence so many heart break ups….

 four years later……..

 we all are still together better off then earlier…something’s have changed like…

Aditi is in a serious relationship (sum1 said love is nt her cup of tea)

Tushma…she and her childhood friend have come closer (thanks to his X gf’s silly behavior he got pissed with her..and here comes our tush to support him…I hope this gets a long way…

Divya  brokeup finally!! (on grounds…tat she is from a well settled family unlike his BF….who cant afford luxury for her….luxury was buyin expensive cosmetics n  20000rs nita lullas saree…which his family could nt afford)

And meera…….well she..uummm…she now hates men(surprised)…may be her to much access to men I guess made her hate them so much….

All this turnaround… how it happened and why…will be answered later…

But yes I had learnt so many things…not to mention learning from my friends experience

Among all this what didn’t change was ME …still tat jovial…SASSY LASS!!

(obviously I didn’t knew what was in store for me in future)

(to be continued)